Наталия Симоненко

Natalia Simonenko, born in St. Petersburg, Russia

1989-1992: Institute for graphics arts F. Gertsen, St. Petersburg, Russia
1995-1999: State Academic Institute of Arts I.E Repin, St. Petersburg, Russia


2020 Participation at Internationaler Kunstsalon, Castle Stettenfels
2020 Two artists exhibition at Kunstforum Kork, Kehl
2020 Solo exhibition at gallery M. Kotyba, Kulmbach
2020 Solo exhibition at gallery Wendelinskapelle, Marbach
2020 Two artists exhibition at castle Ritzebüttel, Cuxhaven
2020 Solo exhibition at gallery Paqué, Bonn
2020 Participation at art-fair Neue ArT, Dresden
2020 Opening exhibition of galerie k., Leipzig
2019 Participation at art-fair ARTS19, Paris
2019 Participation at art-fair altonale Kunstherbst, Hamburg
2019 Participation at exhibition „Kunst baut Brücken“, Městská galerie, Karlsbad/CZ 
2019 Solo exhibition at Kompetenzzentrum Forst2019 Participation at art-fair ART Endingen
2019 Three artists exhibition exhibition at Castle Bruchsal
2019 Solo exhibition at Fruchtkasten of Kloster Maulbronn
2019 Participation at art-fair art3f Luxembourg
2019 Solo exhibition at gallery Reimus, Essen
2019 Participation at art-fair Neue ArT Dresden
2018 Two artists exhibition at Hegau-Bodensee-Galerie Singen, Germany
2018 Participation at art-fair arte Binningen (Basel), Switzerland
2018 Participation at exhibition „Europa“ Klagenfurt, Austria
2018 Two artists exhibition at Castle Ludwigsburg
2018 Solo exhibition at Galerie Art&Antik Stuttgart
2018 Participation at exhibition in in Auengalerie, Leipzig-Lützschena
2018 Participation at Nacht der Kunst Leipzig
2018 Participation at art-fair Kunsttage Waldbronn
2018 Participation at art-fair ART Endingen
2018 Solo exhibition Gohliser Schlösschen Leipzig
2018 Exhibition at Château de la Chaussée, Brains sur Allonnes (Loire)
2018 Solo exhibition at Hotel Maritim Stuttgart
2018 Participation at Jubiläumsausstellung MKG München
2018 Participation at art-fair art3f Paris, France
2018 Participation at art-fair Neue ArT Dresden
2017 Participation at art-fair arte Binningen (Basel), Switzerland
2017 Solo exhibition at Landesarbeitsgericht Stuttgart
2017 Participation at exhibition in Auengalerie, Leipzig-Lützschena
2017 Participation at art-fair ART Endingen
2017 Solo exhibition at winery Kern, Germany
2017 Solo exhibition at ACURA-Kliniken, Baden-Baden
2017 Participation at art-fair ARTe Sindelfingen, Germany
2017 Exhibition with G. Bordich at „Altes Dampfbad“, Baden-Baden
2016 Solo exhibition at residential castle Ludwigsburg
2016 Solo exhibition at castle Lauenstein, Altenberg
2016 Solo exhibition at AMORC Kulturforum, Baden-Baden
2016 Participation at art-fair ART Innsbruck, Austria
2016 Exhibition Kunst 7, Alde Gott, Sasbachwalden, Germany
2016 Exhibition at Kunsttreff Quiddezentrum, München
2016 Exhibition at Galerie Kass, Innsbruck, Austria
2016 Exhibition at Auengalerie, Leipzig-Lützschena
2015 Solo exhibition José Carreras Haus, Leipzig
2015 Solo exhibition Galerie Taikinu, Fellbach
2015 Solo exhibition at Mädlervilla, Leipzig
2015 Solo exhibition at gallery Reimus, Essen
2015 Solo exhibition at „Altes Dampfbad“, Baden-Baden’
2015 Participation Landmark Art Center, Midsummer Art Fair, London, Great Britain
2015 Group exhibition at ACURA-Kliniken, Baden-Baden 
2015 Three Artists exhibition at Zuckerbergschloss,Kappelrodeck
2014 Solo exhibition at the gallery of castle Altranstädt
2014 Solo exhibition at ost-west-forum Gut Gödelitz e.V.
2014 Solo exhibition at MDR Leipzig
2013 Solo exhibition at the gallery of castle Altenhain
2013 Solo exhibition at the art association of Baden-Baden
2013 Solo exhibition at Krystallpalast Varieté, Leipzig
2013 Double exhibition at gallery “Brandmatt”, Baden-Baden
2012 Solo exhibition at BStU ministery in Dresden
2012 Solo exhibition at "Hegau Bodensee Galerie" Singen
2011 Solo exhibition in the museum of castle Rochsburg, Germany
2010 Solo exhibition in the museum of Doebeln
2010 Participation in the Biennale “Art-Moskwa” at Moscow
2009 Solo exhibition in the museum of the Russian Central Bank in St. Petersburg
2008 Solo exhibition in «Art Izba» gallery in Moscow
2007 Participation in the Exhibition of Russian Artists in Los Angeles
2006 Participation in the International Biennale at Domburg and Antwerp
2006 Participation in the charity auction for the Orphaned Children Fund in Moscow
2005 Solo exhibition in Gouda
2004 Solo exhibition in the Central House of Artists at Moscow, at Moscow
2003 Participation in the exhibition of «St. Petersburg Artists» on the occasion of the 300th anniversary of the foundation of St. Petersburg, Berlin
2003 Participation in the exhibition at St. Petersburg devoted to the 100th year of inauguration of the railroad line St. Petersburg — Moscow.
2002 Solo exhibition in the Russian House of Berlin
2000 Solo exhibition at the gallery of the Russian Union of Artists, St. Petersburg

Natalia Simonenko is a constant participant of seasonal exhibitions in St. Petersburg and Moscow. Her works are in private and public collections in Russia, England, Germany, France, the Netherlands, the United States of America and numerous other countries.